Odio is a Classy Looking Radio Player for Linux Desktops

With Gradio sidelined and its successor Shortwave yet to broadcast a stable release, you might be looking for a way to listen to radio stations on the Ubuntu Linux desktop.

If so, check out Odio (styled ‘odio’). This is a free Electron-based radio streaming app for Windows, macOS and Linux desktops.

Odio has super clean UI that is, to my eyes at least, somewhat inspired by Spotify’s desktop client (no bad thing). Plus, the app touts broad internal radio station support (over 20,000, apparently) and offers a couple of handy customisation options.

You can find stations to stream by country, language or tag, or by typing a keyword in to the search box. There’s also a “recently played” section.

Compared to fully featured radio players Odio is a pretty scant on features (you can’t add an Internet radio stream, or record one, or see track info on streams that support metadata).

Sadly the app doesn’t integrate with common Linux desktop features like MPRIS2 sound menu/player controls.

In short, Odio is a basic internet radio player for the desktop that has a clean, attractive UI. Easy to use, users can start streaming from a roster of well-known radio stations in seconds.

Install Odio Radio Player

Odio isn’t open source but it is free to download. You won’t find any in-app purchases or locked features either, which is always a bonus.

To install Odio on Ubuntu from the command line run the following command in a new Terminal window:

sudo snap install odio

Once install is complete, launch Odio from your system’s preferred application launcher. Therein, it’s simple enough to set up and tune in to your favourite radio stations.

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