Outlook On Web Receives Text predictions and Send Later

A new update to Office 365 Roadmap reveals that the web-version of Outlook will receive a smart text predictions feature, allowing to write emails faster.

Outlook.com is Microsoft’s very own email and calendar service which requires a Microsoft Account to access its features. It has very tight integration with Windows 10, OneDrive, Microsoft Office, and other company’s products.

Outlook Features 2b

A new feature is coming to the service, bringing text predictions that will save your time when you compose a new letter.

Using smart technology, Outlook will predict text while you type. Just use the Tab key to accept the text prediction.

,says the roadmap.

It was added to the list on May 6, 2020, and is planned to be released in May 2020.

Send Later

Yet another new feature, Send Later, will allow you to postpone message sending and schedule the time you want your message to be sent. It is planned to reach the public nearly the second quarter of 2020.