'Persona 5' Shadow Shido Boss Fight Guide

We’re near the final stretch of Persona 5 and the encounters that Phantom Thieves will face will only pose higher stakes. If you clicked on this story, you want to find out how to take on Persona 5 eighth boss fight. Let’s cut to the chase.

WARNING: Spoilers after this point!

Masayoshi Shido intends to be Japan’s next prime minister and will ruthlessly do whatever it takes to achieve his ambition, even if it means using his son Goro to destroy the Palace of his opposition in order to win the election. And of course, nothing angers Shido more than people that try to get in his way – especially the Phantom Thieves and the risk of having his heart stolen.

Here’s how to take on Shadow Shido.

Persona 5 Shido Take down Shadow Shido in ‘Persona 5.’

Shadow Shido wears a spiky helmet and a military general uniform complete with white gloves and a red cape. What’s more, Shido rides on a monster called Beast of Human Sacrifices, a giant golden lion that features the creepy body and faces of humans. But it isn’t just his super-villain get up that should concern you – he doesn’t fight fair either.

This boss hits twice in a single turn, usually dealing one Physical attack followed by a debuff affecting the entire party. Keep your accuracy, guard, and evasions up and try to chip away at the Beast’s health. Be careful of Shido’s Dekunda as well as its Beast King’s Wrath, a strong swipe that deals heavy damage to the entire party.

After several turns, Shido’s gold beast grows wings to transform into a griffon known as Wings of Human Sacrifices. In this form, Shido deals three attacks in a turn, each a heavy variant of an Attribute spell. Be sure to have Recovery spells at the ready when you prepare for these attacks. The first attack sequence is Agidyne, Bufudyneand Ziodyne. Next is Garudyne, Psidyneand Freidyne. Finally, Shadow Shido deals Kougaonand Eigaon. In this form, Shido is weak against Physical and Gun attacks.

Shadow Shido will change his form once again – this time as a giant Egyptian pyramid made out of golden torsos that he calls Tomb of Human Sacrifices. The pyramid features a cannon in its center that will deal a powerful Bless Attribute single-target attack. Unlike the first two forms, Shido will only attack once per term this time. However, be careful as Shido‘s cannon will charge for one final attack, so put your guard up and focus on defense, or destroy the tomb before the cannon fires.

When the tomb is destroyed, Shido will recognize the protagonist as the boy he sued for interfering when Shido harassed a woman. After a bit of chatting, Shido rips off his helmet and clothes to show his new form – a bizarre spring harness wrapped around his toned muscular physique.

Shido will use Fear spells and Physical attacks to take you on. And when his HP drops below half, he will use a multi-target Deathbound physical attack, which hits once or twice.

But just as you thought you’ve had Shido cornered and ready to take his heart, he reveals his true form, which breaks his harness and creates a new purple aura. Shido will trigger Tyrant’s Glare, which increases his action count per turn back to three. Shido’s next attack is Tyrant’s Wave, which deals a great deal of damage to the whole party. Be ready with Energy Shower and Amrita Shower to lift the effects of Fear Ailment on your teammate as well.

And to react against Shido’s attacks like Megidola and Deathbound, you can use Masukukaja to buff agility. Mediarama will also heal the party just in case.

For a gameplay guide on taking down Masayoshi Shido in Persona 5, watch the boss fight video via YouTube channel Boss Fight Database below: