Plugging in a Pixel phone instantly turns it into a wireless charger

You probably already knew that your Pixel phone can be used as a wireless charger, but did you know that it turns it on every time you plug your phone in?

It turns out it does, and while Google made a pretty good job of keeping that fact quiet, people are starting to notice.

Being able to wirelessly charge things like earbuds and even entire other phones from a Pixel phone isn’t new, and it’s been supported for some time now. But what a lot of people didn’t realise until very recently is that the simple act of plugging the Pixel in is enough to turn that wireless charging feature on, instantly.

Sure, you can toggle the feature on manually if you really want to, but there’s no need. Plug your Pixel into a USB-C cable and you’re golden.

The only time that might not happen is when your battery is below 20 per cent. But don’t worry, as soon as that percentage is reached the wireless charging kicks in immediately and all is right with the world. It’s a pretty neat feature, although one that might not get used a ton. But at least you now know all about it, right?

There’s a growing Reddit thread of people who are just finding out about that particular feature as well, so don’t worry – we weren’t the only ones that learned something new today!

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