Private Internet Access Now Gives You Unlimited Connections

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Private Internet Access is one of the most popular VPNs, and it’s our current budget pick across the best VPN services. Now it’s getting even better, with the addition of unlimited simultaneous connections.

Many VPN providers place a limit on how many devices you can have connected at once, partially to manage network capacity, and also to prevent someone from sharing their account with many other people. Private Internet Access, also known as simply PIA, previously had a limit of 10 simultaneous connections. However, if you ran your entire network through PIA with a router that supports VPNs (which usually isn’t a good idea), your entire home counted as just one device towards that limit.

Starting today, PIA is dropping its device limit entirely, allowing people to have as many devices connected through the same subscription as desired. The company said in its announcement, “PIA’s new offer of unlimited device connections per subscription applies to both new and existing customers, and is a significant upgrade from the 10 device connections previously offered.”

Private Internet Access already has most of the features you would expect from a VPN provider, including apps on every major platform, browser extensions, WireGuard support, servers across the world, and limited support for streaming services. Most people probably weren’t maxing out that 10-device connection limit, but dropping it certainly makes PIA a better overall value.

You can learn more about the service from PIA’s official site, and if you’re considering signing up, check out our Private Internet Access review for more information.

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