PUBG console players now have cross-play thanks to the latest patch

If you play PUBG on PS4 or Xbox One, there’s good news because you can now squad up with your buddies no matter what console they’re playing on.

The latest update to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds offers a number of changes including the ability for console players to get together in a party by simply searching for their friends Xbox Live Gamer Tag or PSN Name.

Alas, PC gamers are missing out on this cross-play action, but that’s probably a good thing as they’d have an unfair advantage anyway.

Attention @xbox and @playstation players – #PUBG Update 6.2 is now available on test server. Check out what’s new here:

— PUBG (@PUBG) February 20, 2020

The update was announced in a Tweet, which also linked to the patch notes for update 6.2. Those notes include guidance on how to squad up with your friends using the in-game friends list.

This update also adds in a much sought after Team Deathmatch mode, with 8 vs 8 battles taking place in first-person view over seven different areas taken from PUBG maps.

Other updates to the game include a parachute follow system to help players land together. A new waypoint system, loot adjustment, grenade changes and more.

PC players aren’t missing out entirely as a number of these improvements are also being rolled out there too.

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