Recent KB5003173 update is causing 0x800f0922 errors in Windows 10

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Earlier this week, Microsoft released the KB5003173 update for Windows 10. With no known issues, coupled with the fact it is a cumulative update rather than something brand new, we posited that it should be an update free from problems; it seems like we may have spoken too soon.

Growing numbers of people are experiencing failed installations with KB5003173 and are seeing an error 0x800f0922. While yet to be confirmed, it appears that the problem is related to the manual removal of the forcibly installed Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Reports have been cropping up on Reddit — and elsewhere — with complaints about the 0x800f0922 error after trying to install KB5003173. One of the functions of this update is to ensure that users have the new version of Edge installed rather than the legacy one, and this is where things are falling down for people who have taken things into their own hands.

The installation of the KB5003173 update changes for the existence of legacy Edge, and things go wrong if the installer detects that the C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftEdge folder is empty.

The workaround is a fairly simple one. If you have manually uninstalled the non-legacy version of Microsoft Edge, you need simply reinstall the Chromium-based version of the browser. Alternatively, you can use Explorer to navigate to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft and delete the Edge folder before restarting Windows.

After doing either of these things, you should find that you are then able to install the KB5003173 update without any problems.

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