Review – Kingston 2024 Year of the Dragon USB – Save your stuff within the scale of this little cute thing

Following the new Chinese Zodiac rotation, 2024 is the year of the dragon and that’s what Kingston has added to the associated portfolio – the 2024 Year of the Dragon USB drive collection.

Kingston DTCNY24 128GB 01

If snakes lay eggs and dragons are kind of a snake then it should be normal that they come in this top transparent, bottom opaque egg shell right?

Kingston DTCNY24 128GB 03

The figure itself is a silicone-molded unit and is derpy if you ask me. The ears, horns, body, abdomen, and almost everything is shaped accordingly with proper scaling. Even the hands are kind of cute too.

Kingston DTCNY24 128GB 05

Now where’s the actual USB drive? The golden part is at the top of its head! Pull it out then the dragon goes bald (sadge).

To fulfill the demands of modern-day storage, past iterations of the Chinese Zodiac products are all at 64GB but starting this year, they are doubling it up to 128GB which is very appreciated. Coupled with the USB 3.1 Gen 1 protocol, the read and write speeds in practical usage are around 100MBps while sequential read can reach up to 250MBps.

Kingston DTCNY24 128GB 03

So no matter whether you want to buy one for collection or actually use it, I think it is fine because they are not that expensive to begin with. You can grab one at the price of RM125 over at Shopee and Lazada.