Roku launches own-brand TVs: Roku Select and Plus Series TVs

Roku has announced its first TVs that are designed and made by Roku, rather than being made in partnership with another brand.

The family is divided into two segments, with the Roku Select at the more affordable end and the Roku Plus offering more advanced features.

The new range of TVs will offer 11 models, with sizes from 24 up to 75 inches, all offering familiar Roku features and running on the Roku platform, giving easy access to a full range of streaming services.

Roku hasn’t detailed exactly which models will come in which sizes, but we know that the Roku Select will offer 32, 43 and 55-inch models, while the Roku Plus will come in at 65 and 75-inch sizes.

There will be HD and 4K models, but it’s not currently clear how the division of those sizes and resolutions breakdown – we’ll update when we find out more.

What Roku has said is that the Roku Select models will come with Roku Voice Remotes, while the Roku Plus models will feature the Roku Voice Remote Pro.

The new Roku TVs are currently only listed for launch in the US and they will be available from spring 2023. Prices will start at $119 for the 24-inch model and run up to $999 for the 75-inch.

Roku has also announced a new Roku TV Wireless Soundbar, designed to enhance the audio experience offered by these TVs.

The new Roku TVs were announced at CES 2023.

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