Samsung Galaxy Note21 may be Samsung’s first with Under-Display Camera (UDC)

We have heard recently that the Samsung Galaxy Note21 has come back from the dead, and may still be heading to the market in Fall 2021.

Tech pundits were divided over whether or not Samsung will discontinue the Note series from 2021. Nevertheless, a recent report from ETNews suggested that Samsung might release a Note20 successor next year.

Now regular leaker Cozyplanes have added another wrinkle to the news, reporting that the device may be Samsung’s first with an Under-Display Camera (UDC).

The device simulators for the device internally reportedly feature a version both with and without UDC.

The reason Samsung is vacillating on the technology, however, is that that yield, cost and quality are reportedly not matching Samsung’s standards yet.

While the Note21 may be Samsung’s first with UDC, if Samsung waits too long they are likely to be beaten to the market by other more adventurous Asian OEMs such as Xiaomi and ZTE.

Whether or not Samsung will release the Galaxy Note21 series next year is still not clear. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung is reportedly adding support for the S Pen to S21 Ultra, so those who love to take notes on their phones won’t miss the Note series much.

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