Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R curved monitor is good option for pro gamers

High-end gamers need everything top-notch. For instance, the monitor. Monitors will high-quality panels, high refresh rates, and gaming-centric features are all the rage among them. Joining the list of such monitors is the new Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R. It is a 4K monitor with a curved display navigating a game feels more natural. The monitor has interesting features, such as a height-adjustable stand (HAS). It also has four speakers, so you can avoid installing a soundbar for high-quality audio.

First previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the new Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R will initially be available in the US. Samsung has not said whether it will bring the new gaming monitor to other markets.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R price

The new Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R curved monitor costs $3,499.99, roughly Rs 2,78,000. US customers can go to the company website to pre-order the new monitor in a single black colour.

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Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R specifications

The gaming-oriented Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R curved monitor has a 55-inch matte display with 4K (2160×3840 pixels) resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a refresh rate of up to 165Hz. The monitor has a response time of 1ms, which means you will barely miss the window to shoot down your enemies as they become available. This is a Mini LED display, so the power consumption is less than that of an OLED while giving the same picture quality. Samsung said it has used AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for variable refresh rate (VRR) on the monitor.

While this is a 55-inch monitor, you can dial back the size to as low as 27-inch using the Ark Dial controller. It will also help you change the screen position and aspect ratio from 16:9 to 21:9 to 32:9. The screen is rotatable with HAS, tilt, and pivot. The software supports multi-view, letting you see up to four screens on a single screen. A game bar in the software provides game-related stats and controls for easy access. It has 60W Dolby Atmos-powered quad speakers on the Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R.

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