Samsung’s Bixby Wants to Clone Your Voice with AI

Person holding the back of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Green

Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby might not be as popular as Google’s Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, but upcoming features could help change that. Soon, users can let Bixby clone their voice with AI and respond to calls automatically.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is appearing everywhere, and now Samsung wants to harness that power to help users do more with their smartphones. More specifically, a new Bixby update available in Korea and rolling out to more regions soon will enhance Bixby with several new texts and call features.

For starters, Samsung’s “Bixby Text Call” feature is rolling out to more regions. English users can now respond to a call by typing a response, and Bixby will do the rest and answer the call, relaying that information in a generic voice.

However, this is also where AI is starting to come into play. That’s because soon, Bixby will let users record several sentences, then analyze that information and let AI create a custom user voice and tone for answering calls. Seriously.

AI and Bixby will answer phone calls for you when necessary, sound like you, and relay any information you’d like to share when you can’t physically answer the phone. This’ll be available through the Bixby Custom Voice Creator app on the Galaxy S23 series and could eventually roll out to more devices later.

Google Duplex does something similar, which can answer robocalls, make dinner reservations, and things of that nature, but not while using an AI-simulated voice. At least not yet.

Samsung also confirmed users can create a customized Bixby wake-up phrase, making the assistant better than ever. For now, Bixby’s new AI-powered phone answering tool is only available in Korea, but more regions and languages will be supported later. More importantly, Samsung plans to make the AI voice models available to other apps.


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Source: Samsung