Samsung’s Great OLED Touchscreens Are Coming To Laptops

Samsung touch OLED screen

Samsung is often a trendsetter when it comes to screens, and now, it’s pushing the envelope even further. The company has just announced the development of on-cell touch OLED displays for use in laptops.

Samsung Display has announced that it will be mass-producing the world’s first OCTA (short for On-Cell Touch AMOLED) displays for use on laptops. Samsung was the first to mass-produce OCTA touchscreens back in 2010, so it’s definitely no surprise to see the company take things to their natural next step, as OLED laptops become mincreasinglypopular.

There are already AMOLED laptops with multitouch, so how is Samsung’s offering different? Basically, current touchscreens on laptops need a digitizer in order to work, something that ends up increasing the thickness of the panel itself. An OCTA display has touch sensors embedded directly in the panel, removing the need for a separate digitizer. In turn, this will reduce the thickness and bezels of a laptop, ensuring that it can look as thin and fresh as it possibly can.

We’ll likely see laptops using this technology over the coming months. There’s a chance we might even see Samsung debut this tech in its upcoming laptop range.

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