Samsung’s New 144Hz Gaming Monitor Is Basically a TV

Samsung computer monitor

Samsung sells many of the best gaming monitors, in many different shapes and sizes. Today the company revealed yet another one: the Odyssey Neo G7 43″.

Following the monitors revealed earlier this month at CES 2023, like the 64-inch Odyssey Neo G9 and 5K ViewFinity S9, Samsung has released the Odyssey Neo G7 (model name G70NC). It has a traditional aspect ratio of 16:9, so this isn’t another ultrawide display, but it is massive. The display measures 43 inches diagonally, putting it well within the size range of entry-level TVs.

The massive size isn’t the Neo G7’s only similarity to TVs — it also functions like a smart TV. It has the same “Smart Hub” and “Gaming Hub” as Samsung’s smart TVs and select other monitors (like the Smart Monitor M8), giving it built-in access to popular streaming services and cloud gaming platforms without plugging in anything. That could potentially be useful if the connected PC doesn’t support Netflix and other services at full quality, or other niche use cases.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 43

Other specifications for the Neo G7 include a 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and HDR10+ support. It uses a VA panel, instead of a more accurate IPS or OLED screen, so this probably won’t be the best monitor for professional graphical design or video production. Still, it looks like an excellent gaming monitor, if you’re the kind of person who wants a really big gaming monitor.

Samsung says the monitor will be available to purchase globally in the first quarter of 2023, which means sometime before March 31. Pricing information is sadly not available yet.

Source: Samsung