Samsung’s New OLED Monitor Is Huge and Ultrawide

Samsung monitor

We’ve seen some wild monitors pop up over the past few months, and now, Samsung is giving us yet another option. The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 is now available to purchase, and it’s an impressive display.

The Odyssey OLED G8 was announced in August 2022, but only now is it actually available for purchase. It’s the company’s first OLED gaming monitor, with a 34-inch ultrawide panel that stretches to a resolution of 3440 x 1440. That 21:9 aspect ratio will give you plenty of space for everything from split-screen multitasking to games. At the same time, the OLED screen provides “true RGB and true black for maximum color accuracy and brightness,” like we’re already used to with the many phones, laptops, and non-gaming monitors with OLED screens.


Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Gaming Monitor


The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 gaming monitor offers a 34-inch QD-OLED panel with a QHD resolution, 175Hz refresh rate, and .03ms response time. It also features a rear bias light that matches onscreen content.

So, what makes this a gaming monitor? Well, the refresh rate can climb to 175Hz, with support for adaptive sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. There’s also an illuminated panel on the back, which you can’t directly see when sitting in front of the display, though it might provide ambient lighting to your desk setup. Samsung has also integrated the same Smart TV software as the Smart Monitor M8 and other displays, giving you access to streaming services (even game streaming services) if there’s no PC or console plugged in.

This is just the latest impressive monitor we’ve seen over the past few months, on top of Dell’s 43-inch 4K monitor, the world’s first 500Hz gaming display, and the 5K Samsung ViewFinity S9. Samsung also expects to release the Odyssey OLED G9 49-inch gaming monitor later this year, which will be the world’s first 32:9 OLED gaming monitor, unless someone beats Samsung to the punch.

The Odyssey OLED G8 is priced at $1,499.99.

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