Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch might bring back its beloved rotating bezel

Samsung could be returning to its roots with the Galaxy Watch 6, bringing back the rotating bezel just for the Pro model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung went big with its Galaxy Watch 5 series release, offering a few different models, including a Pro model for the first time, giving consumers more options. But regardless of which model you chose from its Galaxy Watch 5 lineup, the watches were missing Samsung’s iconic rotating bezel, which had been a staple on many of its past smartwatches for years. Now, it looks like the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series could bring it back, but it may only make an appearance on its higher-end Pro model.

According to YouTuber Super Roader, who has a relatively small following but has reportedly been relatively accurate with Samsung leaks in the past, reports that the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will come with a physical rotating bezel. Of course, this is just a tiny bit of news about the upcoming smartwatch, but if this does happen to come true, it could be a major feature for the Pro model, especially since it’s geared more towards those that like to do physical activities outdoors.

While there’s nothing wrong with a digital bezel, it really can’t reproduce a one to one experience with the physical rotating bezel. Furthermore, if you’re out in the elements or wearing gloves, having a physical bezel is going to give you more precise controls. With all that said, the Galaxy Watch 6 release could be getting more interesting, considering that late last month we reported the standard model of the watch could be going back to a curved dome glass.

Although there currently isn’t a timeline of when the watches will be released, many are speculating that it could arrive in the second half of 2023. Last year, the Galaxy Watch 4 series made its debut with the Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, which were launched in the summer.

Source: Super Roader (YouTube)