Select multiple tabs of the same site with just two-clicks with the Select Tabs extension for Firefox

Tab Management extensions are handy when you want to switch between tabs, find a specific one, organize them, etc. Things get slightly difficult if you want to select several tabs from the same domain.

Select multiple tabs of the same site with just 2-clicks with the Select Tabs extension for Firefox

Select Tabs is a new Firefox extension that helps you select multiple tabs of the same site, with just two-clicks.

With the add-on installed, right-click on a tab, and you should see a new menu item called Select Tabs. It has its own sub-menu, mouse over it to view the list.

The first option, Same site, when clicked upon will automatically select all tabs belonging to the same domain (and subdomain). So, if you have a hundred tabs, and 15 of those were from YouTube and are in different locations on the tab bar. Click on one of those and choose Same Site, and the add-on will automatically pick the other 14.

When the tabs are selected you can perform various actions like move tabs, close them, bookmark the tabs, etc., anything that you can use from Firefox’s tab context menu.

Select multiple tabs of the same site

The extension has a total of 10 selection options. Let’s take a quick tour of what the other menu items. Same Site and Descendants will not only highlight all tabs belonging to the same website, but all subsequent pages that you visited through them, e.g. you opened Google, looked up a product and opened its site, and you had more Google tabs. The add-on will select all of those including the landing pages in one go.

Same Site Cluster is a bit different. Let’s use the same example, you have five tabs that are from the same site. Three of those are adjacent to one another, while the others have at least one tab between them and the other three. Same Site Cluster will only select the neighboring tabs, so in this case the two tabs that are further away will not be selected.

The next two options are To the Left, and To the Right, as their names indicate they select tabs to the left or the right of the current tab.

The last five options in Select Tabs belong to the same group. A Parent tab is the starting page which you used to open a different tab, e.g. open link in new tab. When you use the Parent tab menu item, the extension will ignore the tab you right-clicked on, and select the original one, aka the Parent. If you want to select both tabs, use the Parent and Descendants option. What if you opened several tabs from a Parent tab? Those would be sibling tabs, and the other three options in the add-on may be used to select only the Sibling Tabs or Descendant tabs, or both of those.

Select Tabs is compatible with Firefox Containers, and can select Parent, Sibling and Descendant tabs even if they belong to different containers. To deselect all tabs, just click on any tab, and you can start over.

Select Tabs is an open source project. The terminology is a bit confusing, but once you understand the concept, it all makes sense. The add-on does not support proper keyboard shortcuts, you will need to right-click on the tab bar, and tap the S key (multiple times), use the arrow key and then tap the key that corresponds to the first letter of the menu option. That’s not convenient.

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