Shadow Warrior 3 gets two new level gameplay trailers

Flying Wild Hog’s upcoming Shadow Warrior 3 has shown off two of its upcoming missions in trailers that show some more of the intense action-packed gameplay.

The trailers each show off one combat area from missions “Doomsday Device” and “That Damn Dam” and they look like a bloody good time in every sense of the word.

The trailers show off two of the games “Gore Weapons”, which you quite literally pull out of your enemies guts to then reap destruction on anything left alive as some one-upmanship on DOOM’s glory kills.

Highlighted in the trailer alongside the solid-looking gunplay, are the arena kills you can perform. After hitting a button, you can send whirling blades of death back and forth, or set a spinning wrecking ball of spikes going around the arena to help give the battlefield some nice new red paint.

While there is no precise date confirmed yet, Lo Wang is set to return in Shadow Warrior 3 to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later on in 2021.

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