Sizing Up Device Care: AppleCare+ vs. Samsung Care+ vs. Akko


You spend upwards of $1,000 on your smartphone these days, and even more on other electronics. But after shelling out all that money, are you protected if something goes wrong? Even if you pay for AppleCare+ to cover our iPhone or spring for Samsung Care+ on a Galaxy, are you really in good hands? Or is there room for a third player, Akko, to offer a better insurance plan for your favorite gadgets?

The best way to determine whether or not you’re getting a good deal with your device warranty plan is to really dig deep into each option and look at what they really offer. To do this, we’re breaking down the cost, coverage, and long-term value for AppleCare+, Samsung Care+ support, and Akko insurance.


As an AppleCare+ customer, you benefit from 24/7 support, onsite repairs, express replacements, and coverage for screens, batteries, charging ports and cables, and other defects, where applicable. Because Apple’s ecosystem is so large and diverse, there’s a lot of ground for AppleCare+ to cover — what and how much it covers, though, varies from device to device.

Unfortunately, when you break down the options, AppleCare+ is one of the more convoluted tech support plans, especially if you’re deeply rooted in the company’s phones, computers, wearables, tablets, and audio devices.


Hopefully, you’re ready to take some notes because AppleCare+’s pricing is a bit complex. The biggest issue? There’s a different price for every device type, every version of that device type, and sometimes even extra costs, like if you want to add theft and loss prevention. Then, on top of the monthly or annual premium, you have to pay a deductible that’s different across product lines and incidents.

For example, a MacBook Pro 16-inch has a $149.99 per year premium and a minimum $99 deductible for screen or enclosure damage. Your iPhone 14 Pro Max will run you $161.88 per year (billed monthly) with theft and loss coverage with a $149 deductible for replacements.

Unfortunately, despite having a massive ecosystem that spans eight product types, there’s no way to simplify your AppleCare+ and consolidate it across devices. Meaning if you have an iPhone, a Mac, Apple TV, headphones, and an Apple Watch all with AppleCare+, that’s five separate charges, and you can see how they add up fast.

Coverage and Restrictions

Generally, AppleCare+ does cover common issues that can arise. In addition to fixes for design defects, battery failures, and software glitches, users can expect unlimited repairs for accidental damage. You are limited, however, to only two incidents of loss or theft in a 12-month period, so if you’re prone to misplacing your device, AppleCare+ may not cut it entirely. It’s also worth noting that, even with AppleCare+, repairs and replacements still come with a $29-$149 service fee, depending on the situation. On the upside, Apple offers a convenient concierge service that will repair some device issues at your home or work.

Overall Value

The thing is, Apple kind of has you in a corner. All of its products are rather expensive, and having to completely replace one is a big hit to your wallet. Even screen repair through Apple is somewhat pricey, with the later series of iPhones costing over $300 without AppleCare+, though you can knock that fee down to just $29, if you have a plan in place. Some products you can probably get away with just the general free warranty, but those big-ticket computers and iPhones are worth the additional coverage.

Samsung Care+


Samsung Care+ is a little more focused than AppleCare+, and, at first glance, it looks more manageable. However, the company found a way to make its breakdown almost as convoluted and obnoxious to understand as AppleCare+. The biggest difference between the two is that Samsung works in four pricing “tiers” across three different Samsung Care+ packages.


What you need to cover will dictate which package you choose. The Care+ Essentials covers only computers and Samsung earbuds. The Care+ package covers practically everything, including phones, tablets, watches, and everything in the Essentials package. Finally, the Care+ with Theft and Loss is strictly for easily lost items like phones, watches, and tablets.

The “tier” and package you select are going to dictate the cost, with the former essentially referring to the value of the item. For example, a Tier 1 phone is going to cost less than a Tier 4 phone. For the Care+ Theft and Loss package, you could pay as much as $16 per month for 36 months and be responsible for a $199 deductible and service fees ranging from $29 to $99. The pricing only drops a few dollars if you lose the theft and loss, so it’s definitely worth considering.

When compared to AppleCare+, having tiered pricing is a little easier to digest and follow. Even just navigating the Care+ website is infinitely easier and less intimidating.

Coverage Restrictions

Similar to Apple, Samsung Care+ policyholders can make an unlimited number of accidental damage repair claims. The Lost or Stolen claims limit is slightly more generous, here, as well, with three allowed in a 12-month period. Unfortunately, loss of data isn’t covered.

Overall Value

Samsung may be a little cheaper and more forgiving than AppleCare+, but there are a few things missing. Whereas Apple offers a concierge service that repairs devices at your home or work, Samsung does not. It’s a trade-off, and that convenience may be valuable to certain customers.

Akko Insurance


If there’s one thing Akko doesn’t have over Samsung and Apple, it’s brand recognition. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not an option worth considering. In fact, simplicity and ample coverage are key to Akko’s white glove service, making it a worthy competitor to the two conglomerates.

Pricing Schedule

Akko offers a simplified pricing structure of $5 to $12 per month for phone-only protection or $15 per month for one phone and up to 25 other electronic devices. Whether you pay $5, $12, or somewhere in between depends on the device itself, and Akko makes it easy with a drop-down selection that populates your monthly or annual cost. There’s a small discount for purchasing a year upfront, but it only amounts to $1 per month.

Akko Phone Insurance | Starting at $5 | Akko

Even Akko’s deductibles are simplified, with a $99 deductible for all electronics, a $29 deductible for screen replacements, and a $99 deductible for phone repair and replacement. If you’re a student, you can even save up to 33% on the “Everything Protected” plan.

Coverage Restrictions

There are surprisingly few limitations when working with Akko. The restrictions amount to phone-only coverage limits. While you can file as many claims as you need, the protection limit is capped at the value of the phone at the time the claim is filed. Under the “Everything Protected” plan, there’s a $2,000 cap per incident, meaning you’ll be reimbursed the full value of items costing up to $2,000.

Overall Value

Akko is by far the best value for phone and electronic coverage. Its monthly and annual cost is comparable to Samsung and Apple, but its lack of limitations far exceeds what either care package offers. And the service is just as fast, if not faster, in some cases. Claims are paid out the same day they’re approved.

Simplify Your Coverage with Akko

You could try and navigate the overly complicated insurance plans of Samsung and Apple, but you’d be wasting effort for a worse deal. Akko’s phone and electronic insurance is a wonderful value that puts the policyholder first. And most importantly? Its coverage includes brands beyond Apple and Samsung, meaning you can have insurance for your iPhone, your Sony TV, your Dell computer, your Canon camera, and your Xbox Series X, all for $15 per month.



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