Spotify launches Greenroom, a Clubhouse-like social audio app

Spotify has quietly released a Clubhouse-like social audio app. Called Greenroom, it’s available for iOS and Android devices. It basically allows users to host live conversations. Spotify isn’t making a big deal about the launch of its new app, apart from publishing a blog post.

The app, which has Spotify’s classic green-and-black design, is built on Locker Room, which Betty Labs created and Spotify acquired in the spring. Although that app was focused on sports, Greenroom will allow conversations on a range of topics, from sports to music to culture. Features include the ability to search for upcoming rooms, join rooms, and even create a room, as well as native recording so users can save conversations and distribute them as podcasts. There are chat controls at launch, too.

If interested, you can sign up with your Spotify login, although it’s not required to use the app. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to select your interests, including favourite music genres and sports teams, presumably so that it can surface relevant rooms and live conversations you might be interested in joining.

As part of Greenroom’s launch, Spotify is announcing a creator fund, although it’s offered few details. People in Greenroom will likely be paid based on how popular their rooms are and any engagement in them. It’s not yet known how much Spotify will offer creators, but you can sign up here to learn more.

Social audio is clearly becoming one of 2021’s key trends. Since Clubhouse burst onto the scene and became a must-have social app (despite being invite-only), Twitter has launched Spaces, Facebook did Live Audio Rooms, and even Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord are all building similar eperiences.

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