Stadia’s Elder Scrolls Online players can play on PC for free

Gamers who played Elder Scrolls Online via Google Stadia can now play the game on PC/Mac for free and take their saves with them to boot.

Gamers have been wondering about how to deal with the shutdown of Stadia since it was announced that Google would pull the plug on 18 January 2023. Some games like Cyberpunk 2077 already have a plan for migrating saves and now Bethesda has confirmed its plans for Elder Scrolls Online. According to emails being sent to Stadia customers, they can now download a free version of Elder Scrolls Online for PC/Mac and play it along with all of their saved content – including characters, achievements, inventory, and even any content they might have paid for.

The PC/Mac version of Elder Scrolls Online would normally cost around £15 / $20, so that’s a saving that’s worth making. Note that this isn’t of any use to people who want to play on Xbox or PlayStation because there is no way to transfer your saved progress between platforms. Stadia was always classed as a PC in Bethesda’s eyes, so it used the same servers. The same can’t be said for game consoles.

Google announced its plan to close Stadia earlier this month and developers have since been scrambling to try and find a way to give gamers the chance to continue playing on other systems. That’s no use for titles that were Stadia exclusives of course, but Google is at least refunding people for the games that they bought via the service and won’t be able to play come the middle of January.

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