Streamlabs Collab Cam makes it easier for streamers to collaborate

Streamlabs is constantly innovating to improve the experience of streamers and content creators. Now Collab Cam is making it easier for streamers to work together.

For those that don’t know, Streamlabs is a tool that lets users capture gameplay footage and stream it to an audience on Twitch, YouTube and elsewhere.

It’s much more powerful than that though, as Streamlabs gives users access to all sorts of things including bots to help moderate comments, alert boxes to highlight special events on stream, stream overlays and much more.

Now Streamlabs has realised that people are spending more time collaborating with other streamers or creating multi-person streams for podcasts and other things. This is usually a pain to set up as you’d need to use Zoom or Discord or another source and then try to pull that into the streaming software. Now with Collab Cam, those woes are a thing of the past.

Streamlabs Collab Cam was originally revealed in beta form at TwitchCon Amerstam in July, but is now being made more widely available.

How it works makes it now only simple than other methods you might be using but also more powerful too.

To get started with Collab Cam you just need to set up a new source and select the Collab Cam option. You’ll then have access to a dedicated link that you can share with your friend. That person can then visit the link in a browser to share their camera with you.

Collab Cam makes it easy to then host the other person as a guest, which is perfect for podcasts and more. The Streamlabs team says streamers also have the option to option the link in their Streamlabs and thereby co-stream on their own machine.

Collab Cam promises to be better quality than other sources you might be using and it has the option to include as many as four people at once. Though you can only host one person for free, any more and you’ll need to pay.

Collab Cam has other uses too, as you can set it up with your own phone and use that as a multi-camera option for showing off your mouse hand or something else on stream.

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