The Best Cases for the Steam Deck

What to Look for in A Steam Deck Case

Most buyers understand the process of buying new protective accessories for their new devices. You shop for different attributes that fit your desired level of protection and reflect your personality. If the device is expensive then you probably will protect it up to the level you’re comfortable handling it.

But, most likely you have seen gaudy and glittery cases on expensive smartphones that have spider web cracks all through the screen. The same can be true for the Steam Deck, you can decorate it with accessories that make it stand out though you may also recognize the value of the investment and look to protect it as well. We have found the best options for you to protect, transport, and add your personality to the Steam Deck.

  • Protection: A case, whether it is a protective skin or a used to carry your Steam Deck and accessories but provides a certain level of protection. Any damage done to your device diminishes its value and ability, and a cracked screen or scratched body makes the physical appearance and enjoyability a little less enjoyable.
  • Functionality: Preference and capability shape decisions around what case to purchase and trust. There are distinctions that make deciding on the right case and/or carrying case a decision of balancing the right choice. Are you searching for an added level of care from everyday use and or comfort? An ergonomic protective skin case may be what you want. Do you need protection from the elements? You may look towards the carrying cases that boast water resistance or even are waterproof.
  • Design: Protection and Functionality represent pragmatic responses to your decision on cases but choosing the right case to reflect your personality may be as important to your choice. Each product listed in this round-up represents a choice that is practical but also a reflection of your unique disposition.

Best Slimfit Case: DLseego Steam Deck Case

DLseego Steam Deck


  • ✓ Comfortable Ergonomic Design
  • ✓ Designed to Vent Heat
  • ✓ Designed specifically for handheld game play


  • ✗ Minimum protection against falls
  • ✗ Gameplay uncomfortable at times

The DLseego Steam Deck case adds a good level of protection while not impacting the wallet. If you are the kind of owner that cares for your Steam Deck with meticulous concern and doesn’t put it in precarious situations, this case will provide the protection you’re looking for.

But, if you have a penchant for dropping expensive electronic devices off balconies then this case may not be the solution you’re looking for. This case is great for protecting against basic scratches and usage wear.

Best Slimfit Case


DLseego Steam Deck TPU Protective Case


A cost effective case that doesn’t compromise in its basic protection.

Most Functional Design: JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case

A man holding the Steam Deck protected by JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case.


  • ✓ Minimal design with extra functionality
  • ✓ Protective without gameplay interference
  • ✓ Kickstand that adds versatility


  • ✗ Kickstand lacks locking position option
  • ✗ Buttons that are recessed may be difficult to use

The JSaux Kickstand Protective Case features a minimalist design and works in conjunction with other accessories. This case works perfectly with the JSAUX Docking Station. The recessed access point for the USB Type-C connector is a great subtle design aspect that helps with functionality in the use of protection and connection between handling your Steam Deck and docking it.

However, certain aspects of the case may make button use uncomfortable. For example, the triggers, in this case protrude from the case design but could be unpleasant for extended use when rubbing against the molded edge. This case is also dependent on a certain level of personal respect for your device. It will protect against minor scratches and storage wear but is not built for major falls or rough use.

Most Functional Design


JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case for Steam Deck


A carrying case that maintains accessibility that works with other devices, provides an element of customization and has decent protection

Best Ergonomic Case: Benazcap Steam Deck Case

The Steam Deck protected by the Benazcap Case falling onto rocks.


  • ✓ Centered kickstand for balance and functionality
  • ✓ Dispenses heat well with vent design
  • ✓ Comfortable grip design in hand


  • ✗ The wider design may interfere with other docks
  • ✗ The L-shaped USB Type C connects loosely
  • ✗ The kickstand does not lock and may slip if placed improperly

The Benazcap Steam Deck case is made to be comfortable. It is designed to sit in the hand and allow the user a nice level of breathability while playing. While being ergonomic in its design, it also provides a level of breathability for venting the Steam Deck itself to prevent overheating.

The one issue this case has is that though most of the ports and buttons are accessible and functional, the case has a lip that surrounds the USB-C port and this may conflict with the L-shaped connector. This would be problematic with third-party decks that don’t have an extended USB-C connector, though Benazcap does have a dock that does come with this longer connector.

Best Ergonomic Case


Benazcap Case for Steam Deck


An ergonomic deign that creates comfort in multiple ways.

Best Slimline Carrying Case: Dadayup Carrying Case

The Steam Deck resting in the built in stand of the Daydayup Carrying Case.


  • ✓ Slim design for daily use
  • ✓ Great protection
  • ✓ Built in stand


  • ✗ The storage capacity is limited to basics
  • ✗ Tight fit with additional body case
  • ✗ Added tight fit may pressure joysticks

The Daydayup Carrying Case has several features that are comparable to other carrying cases. It has adequate storage for accessories, functional protection against minor elements like a splash of water or dust, and the portability of condensing all the Steam Deck elements together. But, a subtle feature that is surprising is the internal built-in stand.

The stand is a great feature for moments like an airport layover or using it while eating lunch but it is not designed for extended use. The Steam Deck needs to vent its excess heat and the stand can block the vent ports. Also, you can use this carrying case while also using a protective case, although the larger the case, the tighter the fit inside this carrying case.

Best Slimline Carrying Case


Daydayup Carrying Case Compatible with Steam Deck


Low profile carrying case with decent storage capacity and added functionalilty.

Most Stylish: Cityslicker Steam Deck Carrying Case

City Slicker Steam Deck from Waterfield listing additions that can be added to the case.


  • ✓ Functional stylish design
  • ✓ The color options for added design ascetics
  • ✓ Additional accessories for protection and style


  • ✗ High price tag
  • ✗ Leather may curl at ends

The Cityslicker Steam Deck Carrying Case from Waterfield is an attractive case with a moderate amount of storage capacity. Made of leather, this stylish carrying case comes in a variety of colors and additional accessories like a matching strap. This carrying case elevates your Steam Deck from the look of a utility device or a kid’s toy to a more adult device.

On the downside, the Cityslicker case is on the high end of the price scale compared with other carrying cases. It is expensive compared to other options. If you’re looking for a more adult feel for your device, this is the product. It is necessary to recognize this is made of real leather and leather changes over time, the edges may change slightly with use or corners turn up because of the material used.

Most Stylish

Cityslicker for Steam Deck


Cityslicker for Steam Deck


A higher-end option with a level of professionalism for you Steam Deck.

Best For Everyday Carry: MVRPDXC Steam Deck Carrying Case

Dimensions and and attributes of the MVRPDXC Carrying Case for Steam Deck.


  • ✓ Protective every day carry
  • ✓ Water and dust resistant design
  • ✓ Over the shoulder carry strap


  • ✗ Smaller storage capacity
  • ✗ Steam Deck removal catches straps

The MVRPDXC Carrying Case has a level of style and functionality that meet in the middle between the Daydayup Carrying case and the Cityslicker Carrying case. The shoulder/chest strap carrying style with the hard shell case and a moderate amount of storage capacity make this a great daily carry if your steam deck goes with you everywhere.

However, the limited storage capacity limits this carrying case from being anything more than used for a small trip. Like other styles of carrying cases, you couldn’t fit larger elements such as a large-capacity power bank or extra controller.

Best For Every Day Carry


MVRPDXC Carrying Case for Steam Deck


A stylish carrying case with an inexpensive price tag.

Best Protection: Devaso Travel Carrying Case

Storage capacity displayed of the DEVASO Travel Carrying Case for the Steam Deck.


  • ✓ Multiple accessory spaces
  • ✓ Waterproof design for multiple environments


  • ✗ MicroSD card slots are deep and wedge card in foam
  • ✗ Not ideal for daily use

Boasting an IP67 waterproof rating, the Devaso Travel Carrying Case is the most protective case on this list. If you have ever wanted to throw your Steam Deck in the pool as a joke, here is your chance. No one should do this. It is a very bad idea. But based on the rating, this should add the protection needed.

The exterior of this carrying case is strong and resilient, but the inside foam cutouts are not as functional. The case itself sits well inside the cutout but like other carrying cases the larger the body case you use, the tighter the fit. Also, the cutouts for the accessories are limited in that specific items would fit but if you want to carry a large battery bank or extra controller, these wouldn’t fit.

Best Protection


DEVASO Travel Carrying Case for Steam Deck


A great protective carrying case that secures your Steam Deck for most environments.

Most Storage Capacity: D Dacckit Steam Deck Carrying Case


  • ✓ Large capacity the steam deck and multiple accessories Ideal for multi day travel
  • ✓ Ideal for multi day travel


  • ✗ Cumbersome and Clunky for every day use
  • ✗ Limited environmental protection

The D Dacckit Steam Deck Carrying Case is your go-to to take a ton of accessories with you wherever you go. It’s designed for protection and accessories. Where other carrying cases are functional on quick daily trips, this is much more centric to overnight travel. The case is water resistant and has space for extra items like controllers, battery banks, smaller stands, and extra cords.

With extra storage capacity, comes extra size. This carrying case is more luggage-style than the daily style of carrying cases previously listed. If the size is an issue, this is not the case for you.

Most Storage Capacity


D DACCKIT Steam Deck Case for Valve Steam Deck

A carrying cast that boasts the most accessory storage capacity on the list.

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