The Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps 2020 – Android and iPhone

Which are the 5 best photo editor app for Instagram 2020. I have curated a list of the best Instagram photo editing apps for android and iPhone 2020.

Downloading these best photo editing apps doubles as the best Instagram apps for gaining followers. These Instagram editing apps can make your images look more beautiful and help you gain more likes and followers.

Have a look at the best 5 apps:

1. Snapseed

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Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. It comes with 29 tools and filters, including, healing, brush, structure, hdr, perspective and more. It enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. Users can directly share the images on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Snapseed can save users’ editing history and redirect to any of the actions before. It can also create and save filter combinations by using the default filters and editing features. It can work both on JPG and RAW files and save the personal looks and apply them to new photos later. All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop Express is a free, powerful, yet intuitive solution for editing, capturing and sharing your best photos. Lightroom also provides a robust premium offering filled with advanced features to take your photography to the next level. It comes with various presets which can make dramatic changes to the photos with a single touch and can create visually striking changes to the look-and-feel of the photos.

For Instagram editing function, it comes with blemish removal, corrections and auto-fix editing features. Users can also add custom text or graphical watermark on images.

3. Afterlight

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The most powerful, full-featured photo editing experience on mobile. Afterlight 2 is the essential photo editing toolkit — an extensive library of natural filters and powerful editing tools put you in full control of your images, designed to be simple & intuitive.

Begin editing your photos using touch gestures with precision and control utilizing six new touch tools: Lighten, Darken, Blur, Sharpness, Desaturate & Saturate. Need to fix a dull colorless sky, lighten up parts of a portrait or use blur to create a custom depth effect? Try them out now. It also comes with advanced tools and dust & light leak overlays and frames.

It has a powerful filter collections – high quality filter packs created by photographers using an advanced process that ensures a unique touch across a wide variety of photos.


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Shoot and edit your images with the superior mobile presets, film-inspired presets, and advanced camera controls. Publish images or curate others to your VSCO profile. Not only one can use powerful presets and editing tools on mobile to make beautiful photos and videos, but it can be also used to get inspired by community stories and creative tutorials featured in Discover.

One can also follow other creators and share your photos with the VSCO community. It can be used with its basic vsco presets {enhance your photos with VSCO’s original presets} or standard editing tools {edit with standard tools like contrast, saturation, and grain.}

5. Adobe Lightroom CC

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, yet powerful and intuitive photo editor and camera app. Lightroom empowers you in your photography, helping you to capture and edit stunning images.

With easy-to-use image editing tools like sliders, or filters for pictures, Lightroom makes photo editing simple. Retouch full-resolution photos, apply photo filters or start photo editing wherever you are. Now you can also access all your Lightroom presets anywhere, and retouches and image edits on one device are automatically applied everywhere else.

Features – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

  1. PRO-LEVEL CAMERA – Unique phone camera controls unlock your photography potential. Choose from exposure, timer, instant presets and more. Get even more control over your photography on the go with professional capture modes, such as raw and HDR.
  2. EDIT YOUR PHOTOS ANYWHERE – Transform a raw photo into a powerful image all in one app, with one of the world’s fullest and most intuitive photo editing apps. Simply tap and drag sliders to improve light and color, apply photo filters for pictures, and more – wherever you are. Breathe life into your photo editing with these industry-leading photography tools. Retouch light and colors on photos to make them pop. Easy-to-use sliders give you total control over your photos’ properties, even on a phone screen. Crop and Rotate tools let you find the size and aspect ratio to best show off your camera work. Create super clean shots with straight lines by adjusting the perspective of your image with powerful upright, guided upright, and Geometry slider tools.
  3. EDIT DOWN TO THE DETAIL – The advanced picture editor helps you to finesse the details.
    Take complete control of your image with selective adjustments. Remove almost anything from your photo with just a touch of the Healing Brush, no matter how big or small. Apply enhancements with precision to any part of a photo, even on a small screen. Get inspired with interactive tutorials and learn how to use the photo editor to its full potential by completing step-by-step lessons curated by fellow photographers.
  4. LIGHTROOM PRESETS SIMPLIFY PHOTO EDITING – Achieve professional photo editing faster by using presets – filters for pictures with unlimited customization options. Picture editor presets make every step of photo editing visible so that you can learn to do it yourself.

Hope these photo editors will be of great use.

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