The next Mac Pro could be a 48-core CPU monster with 256GB of RAM

Apple’s first new Mac Pro since the transition to its own silicon could feature 48 CPU cores, 152 GPU cores, and 256GB of RAM according to a report.

While the Apple silicon transition has largely been completed, the one standout machine still waiting for a taste of those chips is the Mac Pro. Apple has already confirmed that it is working on a Mac Pro that will be free of Intel, but we don’t know for sure when it will arrive. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has shared some information on what Apple is working on.

According to Gurman, writing via his weekly Power On newsletter, Apple is currently testing a Mac Pro with a configuration that includes 24 CPU cores (16 performance and 8 efficiency cores) as well as 76 graphics cores and 192GB of RAM. As impressive as that sounds, it isn’t as good as things get, either.

Gurman also says the chips being tested can go beyond those specs. At the top end, Apple is expected to offer a Mac Pro with 48 CPU cores, 152 GPU cores, and 256GB of RAM. That should be more than capable of chewing through most people’s workflows – even those that involve more than one tab being open in Chrome.

We can’t expect any of these new machines to be cheap, of course, but they aren’t meant to be. The Mac Pro is supposed to be the best Mac money can buy, and right now, it isn’t. That will all change eventually, with Gurman pointing to a release of a new Apple silicon model at some point in 2023.

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