The rewrite text with Bing AI feature gets an important toggle update

In the recent development of Microsoft Bing’s AI-powered chatbot, the platform has just received a nice improvement that lets you enable and disable the feature to rewrite text with Bing AI.

There is now a toggle on the Settings page to enable/disable the “rewrite text” feature:

As noted by Edge enthusiast @Leopeva64, there is an ongoing trial of a switch in Edge Canary, the browser’s experimental platform, which allows users to activate or deactivate the “text rewriting” function. This toggle can be found within the Settings application, specifically in the Languages> Writing assistance category.

There is now a toggle on the Settings page to enable/disable the “rewrite text” feature:

— Leopeva64 (@Leopeva64) August 10, 2023

“When this is on, you’ll get help writing on the web with AI that allows you to generate ideas for writing, elaborate, re-write, change tone, format, and more,” the toggle’s description reads.

If you recall, the team in Redmond has been experimenting with the highly practical Bing rewriting capability since the beginning of this month. As we’ve mentioned before, you can effortlessly select the text you wish to rephrase, and then instruct Bing AI to reword it using various tones, structures, and lengths. Additionally, you can also activate this function by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + I.

Besides this exciting feature, Microsoft has brought a lot of updates to its powerful AI-powered chatbot. Edge’s sidebar, which now has Bing AI chat built in it, will soon let you tweak the browser’s settings using word prompts through the AI chatbot.