These Logitech G Fits gaming earbuds promise high performance audio with a custom fit

Logitech has been working on creating gaming earbuds that deliver “pro-grade wireless” connectivity and high-performance audio in a small but pleasing package.

The Logitech G Fits, as the earbuds are known, offer more than your traditional earbuds. Normally in-ears are built for Bluetooth audio while you’re out and about. But Logitech has seen that gamers love earbuds too and for gaming, you need a low-latency connection that you can trust.

So these gaming earbuds offer it all. You get Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology for a low-latency connection, as well as Bluetooth capabilities with both “gaming” and “standard” mode options.

G Fits are compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

What’s perhaps more interesting though is the offer of Lightform custom molding for the ear tips. Logitech says that the G Fits offer a custom molding experience that you can do yourself in just 60 seconds. There’s an app that accompanies the earbuds that walks you through the molding process so you can get a custom fit, personalised to you, in no time at all.

The Lightform tech uses embedded LEDs which harden the gel-filled tips while they’re in your ears. Following the shape of your ears and fitting perfectly for a secure fit.

The shape and custom fit of the G Fit earbuds also means that you get excellent passive noise cancellation as standard. There’s no active noise cancellation with these in-ears, but Logitech says that doesn’t matter because the passive cancellation is superb. Lack of ANC may put some off, but it also means longer battery life (around 7 hours) and a better fidelity sound too.

USing the Logitech G Fits app, you’ll also be able to customise the sound to your needs. Selecting from different EQ settings for music, podcasts or FPS or RPG games.

The G Fits also pack in beamforming microphones so you can talk to your friends while you game, while also eliminating pesky background noise.

These in-ears are shipping in the US first and will then be available to the rest of the world sometime in 2023. The Logitech G Fits are available in black or white.

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