This Fnatic REVIVE Gaming Desk is Made of Recycled Chopsticks

Fnatic X ChopValue gaming desk

Fnatic, one of the biggest names in esports, has partnered with the company Chop Value to create a stylish gaming desk unlike any other. The limited-edition Fnatic X ChopValue REVIVE heigh-adjustable desks are one-of-a-kind, as each desk is made from upwards of 9,565 recycled chopsticks. Seriously.

These climate-positive and carbon-negative desks aren’t just good for the environment. They’re also stylus, durable, customizable, and come in three different sizes to fit any gamer’s needs.

Each desk utilizes anywhere from 7,500 to over 9,500 chopsticks and other recycled materials, becomes a capable computer desk, and is repurposed to give gamers years of enjoyment instead of ending up in landfills. This way, you can elevate your game while making a difference in the real world.

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The REVIVE Essential desk is 44″ x 29″ in size and doesn’t come with any height adjustments, starting at $965. It’s a regular desk, but it’s still a capable option thanks to the durable steel frame, built-in cable management tray, and if you look closely, you can see each individual chopstick on the end of the wooden top.

Chop Value says the process for each top delivers a desk that’s “stronger than oak, harder than maple, and built to last a second lifetime.” Basically, it can handle all your gaming sessions, rage-quitting moments, and everything else work or play throws your way.

The REVIVE comes in a similarly sized “Pro” model that is height-adjustable, with a quiet and durable motor that delivers three custom presets. The height controls are programmable and come with safety sensors to ensure you don’t lower it onto anything.

And finally, there’s a bigger Fnatic X Chop Value REVIVE XL that’s even bigger, coming in at 55″ x 29″ x 0.8″ in size, which uses far more chopsticks to complete the design. This is the biggest desk available, perfect for gamers using a multiple monitor setup.

This unique REVIVE gaming desk costs between $965 and $1,345 depending on the model, and each of the first 1,000 orders comes with a limited-edition number branding. Additionally, buyers can add custom engravings like a gamertag to the surface, making it even more special.

Fnatic and Chop Value say these unique new computer desks will be available to pre-order starting Tuesday, September 27th, with the official release date set for October 4th. So, get in on the pre-sale today and get your own gaming desk from the link below.

Fnatic Chop Value REVIVE Gaming Desk


Fnatic Chop Value REVIVE Gaming Desk

Get a unique gaming desk made from recycled chopsticks today, starting at $965.

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