This Tool Can Boot Multiple OSes From a USB Drive

Closeup of a woman's hand plugging a USB drive into a laptop.

Ventoy has been a popular utility for a while, allowing you to store multiple bootable ISO images on a single USB drive. Now there’s an update rolling out that makes it even better.

Booting a PC into a Windows installer, Linux distribution, or other CD/USB image usually requires wiping a USB drive and overwriting it with one image at a time. That means using several USB drives if you want to keep around install/recovery images for multiple operating systems. Ventoy solves this problem with a multi-boot setup — once it is installed on a USB drive, you can copy as many ISO images as you want to a single flash drive using any file manager, and then select the one you want at startup.

Ventoy image
Boot menu in Ventoy with multiple ISO images

Ventoy 1.0.84 was just released, which has two main changes. First, you can now switch languages in the boot menu by pressing the L key. The tool also now works with drives formatted as FAT32 with a capacity of 32 GB or more. That means you can have more drives formatted as FAT32, ensuring they work for transferring files with just about any operating system, while also using them as a multi-boot drive. However, FAT32 can’t store files larger than 4 GB in size, which might not be enough for some bootable system images.

You can learn more about Ventoy and try it out from the project’s official website. I’ve been using it for a while, and not having to constantly overwrite flash drives (or use a special writing tool each time) is definitely handy.

Source: Ventoy
Via: Ghacks