Thought 240W was fast? Redmi now has 300W charging tech!

Redmi 300w charging

Credit: Redmi

  • Redmi just achieved 300W fast wired charging on a phone.
  • The company used a modified Redmi Note 12 series phone to demonstrate the tech.
  • The phone’s 4,100mah battery gained a full charge under five minutes.

The fast charging race is going absolutely bonkers! After Realme broke records with its 240W fast charging solution on the GT Neo 5, competitor Realme has upped the ante with its own 300W fast charging tech for phones.

The company announced its new milestone on Weibo. It uses a modified Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition smartphone with a 4,100 mAh battery to demonstrate the 300W charging tech. The company also modified the battery materials, charging structure, and used over “50 safety protection items” in the Double GaN adapter to achieve 300W charging (machine translated).

The final result was impressive, with the Redmi phone reaching 50% charge in under three minutes and a full 100% charge in just under five minutes. A video of the tech shows that the phone peaks at 290.6W charging speeds, falling just short of 300W.

There’s no word on when and if 300W charging will be applied to a commercial Redmi handset.

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