Twitch Games: Streaming Service To Start Selling PC Releases

Twitch is best known as a streaming platform for gamers but soon, it’ll be a retailer too. The streaming service will start selling games and downloadable content this spring as part of its Games Commerce program, according to Games Industry.

According to Twitch, publishers and developers will receive a 70 percent split of revenue from sales, streamers will take a 5 percent share and Twitch receives the remaining split of the revenue. At launch, the service will partner with developers including Ubisoft, Telltale Games and Double Fine Productions.

Twitch product marketing manager Robin Fontaine told Games Industry Twitch’s user base made the move a strong fit.

“Many people are already coming to Twitch to learn about games they might want to buy. As a result, it naturally makes sense to let them purchase on Twitch right when they see something and want it,” Fontaine said. “The Twitch community has also shown they are motivated to take part in programs that support their favorite streamers, and this offers them an easy way to do that.”

The move into the games retail market marks Twitch’s entry into a crowded field. Along with stalwart Steam, the market also has everything from developer-specific stores like EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s uPlay to third-party retailers like Green Man Gaming. It remains to be seen if Twitch’s Games Commerce program will make a dent in the market, but with Twitch’s sizable user base, the service isn’t coming in with a significant disadvantage.