Twitter verified checkmarks for all – except Android users

Twitter has revamped the way verification works and anyone can get a blue checkmark right now – so long as they aren’t using an Android phone.

There’s been so much Twitter news of late that it’s very easy to have missed bits and pieces. All you need to know for the sake of reading this is that you can now get a blue checkmark by paying for Twitter Blue. That’s all that’s needed, and you can buy Twitter Blue via an in-app purchase using the Twitter app on your iPhone just fine. But that’s it. That’s the only option available.

You read that right. There is currently no way to pick up a blue checkmark for your Elon Musk (parody) account on Twitter unless you have an iPhone or iPad to do it on. Twitter says that it’s planning on bringing support for the new Twitter Blue sign-up workflow to the web and, gasp, Android soon. But “for now” it’s an iOS-only affair.

“No new subscriptions on Android or web will be possible beginning November 9, 2022, until the new $7.99/month Twitter Blue is available on those platforms,” Twitter confirms. When that will be, nobody seems to know. You can read all about it in a new Twitter Help Centre document if you really must, but it’s just depressing.

Unless you’re using an iPhone or iPad that is. In which case, Twitter is just depressing for a whole number of other reasons instead.

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