Ubisoft has removed fan-made GoldenEye levels from Far Cry 5

After receiving copyright infringement complaints from MGM studio’s Ubisoft has pulled the fan-made GoldenEye levels made in Far Cry 5.

Youtuber Krollywood had been spending over two and a half years painstakingly recreating Rare’s GoldenEye from within Far Cry 5’s expansive level editor, but sadly MGM was having none of that.

Krollywood had managed to recreate all 18 of GoldenEye’s campaign levels in remarkable detail, which anyone could previously play through Far Cry 5’s arcade mode. While the levels have been removed from Far Cry 5, Krollywood at least has saved copies of the levels, as he revealed in a statement, so they may appear elsewhere however this isn’t too likely.

In the statement, which has been captured on Twitter, Krollywood revealed that Ubisoft sent him a takedown request “because they got one from MGM.” While he does have copies of the levels, Krollywood wasn’t sure “if there is a legal way to upload them again” since he’s on their radar after this takedown.

Speaking to Kotaku, Ubisoft didn’t name and shame MGM, but they did confirm that they removed the maps due to receiving “copyright infringement claims from a right [sic] holder.” With MGM holding the licence to GoldenEye 007, it’s a near certainty it’s them, especially with what Krollywood has said, but Ubisoft is refusing to confirm this.

Posting the levels via Far Cry 5’s arcade mode, Krollywood hasn’t been trying to earn any money from his creations, though that hasn’t stopped MGM from ruthlessly cracking down. It’s hardly a surprise, given reports that they’re difficult to work with around their rights.

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