Ubuntu-based Rhino Linux 2023.1 now available for download

Great news, fellow Linux enthusiasts! Rhino Linux has officially shed its Beta label, unleashing the new Rhino Linux 2023.1. This release is available for x86_64, ARM, Pine64, and Raspberry Pi devices.

AJ, the primary developer behind Rhino Linux, evolved the project from a simple hobby into an entirely new desktop operating system. Inspired by the initial success of Rolling Rhino Remix, the idea of Rhino Linux was born in October 2022, aiming for a maintainable and practical solution.

A key figure in the Rhino Linux team, Oren (oklopfer), has not only contributed to the development but also crafted the eye-catching logo. Drawn to Rhino Linux through an article, Oren’s passion for graphic design and development allowed him to visualize the perfect representation of this operating system.

Rhino Linux gains a rolling distro advantage, receiving quick updates that dovetail with Pacstall’s fast packaging abilities. The community-driven repository approach ensures high standards and security, fostering an environment for creativity and collaboration.

Cat-master21 and Oren have collectively developed Rhino Linux’s image building system, using Debian’s LiveBuild tool. It’s not just an x86_64 variant, but they’ve crafted an ARM64 variant that works seamlessly with modern MacBooks, Pine64, and Raspberry Pi devices. The tailored installer using Calamares and a multi-step installation process promises a smooth user experience.

AJ’s Unicorn Desktop Experience brings a breath of fresh air, combining elements from GNOME and Xfce with innovative modifications. Additions like RhinoDrop, an open-source alternative to Airdrop, enhance usability and introduce a modern way of interacting with the operating system.

Ready to take the plunge? You can download Rhino Linux 2023.1 here, contact the developers here, or consider donating to support the project here.

Image creditPhotoexpert/depositphotos.com