Use this top trick to get an alert when your iphone is charged to 100%

This setting can ensure that you know exactly when your iPhone charging is finished.

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Charging up your iPhone can sometimes feel like a mystical science, where you’re not quite sure how long it’ll take depending on the socket you use, the cable you connect it with, or the wireless charging pad you’re putting it on.

If you’re looking to quickly charge your iPhone back up to 100%, and you want to know the moment it’s fully charged so that you can get on with your day or head out, there’s actually a little-known setting that could be hugely helpful. Here’s how it works.

How to get an alert when your iPhone charging is complete

Like so many handy features that it allows, the way to enhance your iPhone charging is via the super helpful Shortcuts app. This lets you set up automations that can trigger when certain things happen on your phone.

Here’s how to set up an automation that notifies you when your iPhone battery hits 100%.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app
  2. In the Automation tab, tap on Create Personal Automation (or the + sign if this doesn’t appear)
  3. Scroll down to select Battery Level
  4. Scroll the bar all the way to the right, so that the option ticked reads Equals 100%
  5. Tap Next, then Add Action
  6. In the search bar, search for Play Sound and select it
  7. Tap Next then disable Ask Before Running
  8. Tap Done

At this point, the automation is created and will play a sound whenever your charging iPhone hits the 100% mark – a great way to get a heads-up if you’re waiting on a fully-charged phone to go about your day.

Of course, you might only want to have the automation turned on when you’re in need of an alert, since having this on every day could leave you with some annoying sounds playing every night as you charge your phone. Thankfully it’s very easy to turn automations on and off in the Shortcuts app.

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