What is Three's Wuntu app and what does it do?

What is Three UK’s Wuntu app and what does it do? We take a closer look at the Wuntu rewards app for Three customers, which offers exclusive offers, competitions and freebies every week.

What is Wuntu?

Wuntu is the rather bizarre name for an app just launched by UK network Three. Wuntu gives Three customers a series of tailored rewards, offers and discounts and can apparently learn your preferences over time, thus offering you more relevant deals. In other words, the more you use it, the better it should become.

Danny Dixon, Director of Digital Offers & Rewards, said: “Three’s aim is to simplify the complex landscape of loyalty programmes. While at first the rewards [Wuntu] offers will be more generic, over time the mixture of offers, rewards and content will become increasingly catered to the users’ interests, the more they use it.”

What kind of offers will I get from Wuntu?

You can expect a range of offers from Wuntu, to cater for a variety of tastes – to be expected, as Three has quite a diverse user group. Wuntu includes rewards and offers covering all kinds of different categories, including travel, entertainment and food deals, from a number of different partners.

Some of the offers are straight-up discounts, but Wuntu also offers prize draws for a chance to win something. For instance, at the time of writing, there was a lastminute.com prize draw to win beach holidays. Sexy. There’s also the occasional limited freebies up for grabs, but these seem to go fast.

So far Three has a number of partners on board, including Amazon, Deliveroo and lastminute.com. You can expect this to increase if Wuntu proves popular, for even more deals and discounts.

When do these offers refresh?

Wuntu’s offers refresh every Thursday, with seven new deals appearing every week.

How do I get Wuntu?

Wuntu is available to all of Three’s Pay As You Go, Contract and Mobile Broadband customers.

Just download the app for your Android phone from Google Play, or your iPhone from Apple’s App Store. Wuntu is completely free to download and use, as you’d expect. Open this up and it’ll check that you’re a Three customer by sending you a text (again, this comes with no charge).

Once you’re in, each offer can be saved by swiping right, or ignored by swiping left (sound familiar?).