WhatsApp is soon to change the way your data is backed up: What it means?

WhatsApp, with an aim to new features for millions of its users, is planning to add changes to its Android app version. With this, the chat backup system will change a bit for Android users. This change will stop backing up WhatsApp Status updates.

The information comes from a report by WaBetaInfo, which suggests that the new ability is currently a part of WhatsApp for Android’s beta version. Here are the details.

WhatsApp’s chat backup will change for Android users

It is suggested that WhatsApp will start avoiding backing up Status updates to save storage when a user backs up the app’s data.

It is noted that people tend to upload videos as a Status, which can result in an increased backup. This WhatsApp ability can help people curb the storage issue.

While the backup is created on Google Drive (which has an apt amount of storage), this could change too. WhatsApp might start backing up data on a user’s smartphone. Hence, not saving the disappearing WhatsApp Status might make some sense now.

Currently, WhatsApp for Android backs up messages, media, and even users’ Statuses. This isn’t the case with the app’s iOS version; it doesn’t include the disappearing media shared by people.

The new feature is presently a part of the WhatsApp for Android beta version However, there’s no word on when it will be released officially for all users.

In related news, WhatsApp has some changes for iOS users as well. As per the latest beta version, the messaging app is expected to soon introduce the sticker search shortcut. This requires people to enter certain keywords to look for a particular sticker. If the Emoji icon changes colour, it would mean that a sticker related to the keyword has been found.

This is the same feature that was released for WhatsApp for Android‘s beta version previously.

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