Windows 11 beta build improves text commands for voice access

The latest Windows Insider beta build is tweaking voice access so you can enjoy more English dialects and new text selection and editing commands

Windows 11 hero page
Microsoft has rolled out two new Windows 11 beta builds to Windows Insiders. There’s build 22624.1391 for those who have new features rolling out and build 22621.1391 for those who have new features off by default. The big feature this week comes in build 22624.1391, which brings improvements to voice access commands, but other than that, there are just a few fixes across both builds relating to the reliability of Windows.

With the voice access improvements coming in build 22624.1391, there are three things you’ll want to be aware of. The first is a redesigned in-app command help page, which makes it easier to understand the different commands and different categories of commands. Not all commands may be included, though, and Microsoft is planning to add more in a secondary build. In the second change, voice access now comes in other English dialects like English -UK, English – India, English – New Zealand, English – Canada, and English – Australia. You’ll have to download the speech model for this. Finally, there are the new text selection and editing commands. Examples include selecting a range of text in the text box, deleting all the text in a text box, inserting text at the cursor, and capitalizing the first letter of each word.

Voice command access command page in Windows 11

That’s the big feature this week, but across both build 22621.1391 & build 22624.1391, there are two fixes. Microsoft says these builds improve the reliability of Windows after you install an update. In addition, they fixed an issue from the last Beta Channel flight which was causing Notification Center, Quick Settings, and taskbar jump lists to not work for some Insiders. There’s also one known issue this week with these builds, which goes back to the redesigned in-app help page not including all commands and the supplementary information not being accurate.

This is all the action across the Beta channel this week, but if you’re a Windows Insider who wants to unenroll your PC from the program, there’s now an option to do so. You can select stop getting preview builds under Settings> Windows Update> Windows Insider Program. Do note, though, that if you’re on build 22621.1325 or 22623.1325, you will not receive this update.

Source: Microsoft