Windows 11 could soon make smart suggestions for snapping apps

Microsoft is trying to infuse AI into Snap Layouts, allowing it to suggest different layouts for how specific apps should be snapped.

Windows 11 Snap Layouts
Windows 11‘s Snap Layouts feature could be getting an AI-infused upgrade in the near future, according to a new report. Indeed, Microsoft has been all-in on AI lately, and it looks like the company wants to use that intelligence to make snapping apps more convenient for users.

According to Zac Bowden of Windows Central, one of the big new capabilities is the ability to suggest snap layouts based on your usage history. For example, if you frequently use the same two apps side-by-side, Windows 11 will remember that and suggest that combination of apps the next time you open the Snap Layouts flyout. The feature appears to be optional, since it obviously requires access to your usage habits.

Windows 11 smart snapping suggestions

That’s not all, though. Microsoft is also working on adding text recognition to the Snap Assist feature. When you snap the first app in an app layout, Windows 11 will be able to read the text inside your apps, and make it possible to find the app you’re looking for by searching for its contents. Even if a specific word isn’t mentioned in the title of the window you want to snap, you’d be able to find it easily, which should make it that much easier to snap the apps you want to use.

The improvements go beyond learning from your usage or heavily AI-based features, though. One simple improvement Microsoft is also testing is the ability to dynamically resize apps in a snap layout to enhance your focus. Say, if you have two apps snapped side-by-side and and is bigger than the other, Windows 11 could automatically resize the apps when you switch focus between them, so that the app in focus is always larger. This could make it easier to focus on reading or writing content depending on what needs more attention at any given time.

This is only one of the many features Microsoft is currently testing, and many have been spotted in recent weeks. A refreshed File Explorer and universal controls for RGB lighting are two other big changes in the works, but it’s hard to say when any of this will come to fruition. Many of these features are available in some capacity in Insider builds of Windows 11, but they’re currently hidden and not fully functional.

Source: Windows Central