Windows 11 to release new updates for File explorer with UI improvement

Microsoft is reportedly working on a significant update to File Explorer on Windows 11 that will improve its UI and features. According to Windows Central, the update will improve several core areas of the app by introducing new features and modern designs that will better integrate the experience with OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

Windows 11 to introduce new updates for File Explorer

The report adds that the updated app will feature a redesigned header with a modern file directory box, a modern search box, and a new “home” button.

However, the existing header buttons, like “new,” “copy,” and “paste,” will be moved into the file/folder view just below the header.

The home page is being updated to include more integration with Microsoft 365, said the report.

Additionally, the tech giant is working on enhancing File Explorer’s photo viewing experience with a new “Gallery” section. It will include larger previews of photos

With this, users will be able to mouse over photos to see larger previews.

The report further mentioned that — Microsoft is experimenting with introducing “tagging” to File Explorer, which would allow users to organise and categorise specific files using keywords and colours, similar to what macOS provides in its Finder app.

Notably, Microsoft has not acknowledged these rumors yet, however, parts of the codes of these updates are spotted in recent Windows 11 test builds. Microsoft experiments with several features where some might not see the light of day. Notably, the rumoured features are likely to roll out by the end of 2023.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that it is beginning to roll out the tabs feature in Notepad for Windows 11.

The company said this update will introduce support for multiple tabs — where users will be able to create, manage, and organise multiple files in a single Notepad window.

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