Windows 11’s unpackaged win32 store apps will be available on Windows 10

Microsoft announced Windows 11 yesterday, showcasing all the new features and changes that will be coming to the upcoming desktop OS. Besides visual changes, the company also announced some radical changes for the new Microsoft Store — a new store policy, and major visual changes, and the ability for developers to publish unpackaged win32 apps on the store.

While all these changes are exciting and are a testament to the fact that Microsoft is quite serious about Windows, the minimum hardware requirement for Windows 11 will discourage a lot of users from updating to the latest Windows OS. If that turns out to be the case, then Windows 11 is unlikely to surpass Windows 10 market share in the next few years. Which begs this question: why will developers bother to publish unpackaged win32 apps on a store that won’t have a significant number of users, at least initially?

Well, the reason why developers will be publishing unpackaged win32 apps in the Store without giving it a second thought is that the new Microsoft Store won’t be an exclusive feature to Windows 11. As Microsoft announced yesterday, the new Microsoft Store will also be available for Windows 10, which is currently running on more than 1.3 billion devices. So, developers need not worry about whether or not a significant number of users will upgrade to Windows 11.

What this means is that apps like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft’s own Visual Studio, Microsoft Teams can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. However, it’s not clear whether the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 will include Android apps, nor are we sure about when the revamped Microsoft Store will be available for Windows 10 users. Meanwhile, you can read more about Microsoft’s new Store policy here.

If you’re a win32 developer., are you planning to publish your app on the new Microsoft Store? Let’s know your thoughts down in the comments.

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