You Can Now Easily Kick People From Your Netflix Account

A Netflix office building in Hollywood.

It has happened to all of us: you shared your Netflix login with someone else, and now you can’t get them to leave your account. Thankfully, Netflix will give you the option to boot people from your account without changing your password.

The new feature that’s being added to Netflix will allow you to remove a given device from your account, so you can log your account out of those devices without having to resort to changing your password. Changing your password can be understandably annoying since you probably set up Netflix on all your devices, including TVs with virtual keyboards that are awful to type on, and changing the password would log you out of those too. This option would save you from that headache.

To boot someone from your account, just go to your account settings, find “Manage Access and Devices,” and select “Sign Out” from the unfamiliar device you want to sign out of. As you can gather from what we previously said, this option won’t change your password, so technically, nothing is stopping that freeloader from going back in if they have the password handy.

This option comes as Netflix is trying to get freeloaders to pay for their own accounts, so if you have any holdouts you’d love to boot from your account, you can now do so.

Source: TechCrunch