You’ll be able to play Xbox Series X exclusives on Xbox One, thanks to Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has revealed that many of the Xbox Series X/S exclusives coming later this year and beyond will still be playable on Xbox One – just not directly.

That’s because it plans to utilise its Cloud Gaming platform to offer games like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One.

It could be that the company plans to add an Xbox Cloud Gaming app to Xbox One for those with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Alternatively, individual games could each have an installer/portal you download, which gives access to the specific the cloud version. This is the method chosen by Nintendo for games, such as Control and Hitman 3.

Those games would be impossible to run on the Nintendo Switch, but work well through cloud streaming – as long as you have a steady internet connection.

The other benefit to this is that a game can be played on an advanced setup – like the Xbox Series X – so you get all the benefits too, such as ray tracing and fast loading.

“For the millions of people who play on Xbox One consoles today, we are looking forward to sharing more about how we will bring many of these next-gen games to your console through Xbox Cloud Gaming, just like we do with mobile devices, tablets, and browsers,” said Xbox on its blog.

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