You’ll soon be able to make your Linux system look like Windows 10X

Zorin will soon let you make your Linux system look like Windows 10X.

What you need to know

  • The Zorin OS 16 Ultimate Linux distro will soon have a layout that looks like Windows 10X.
  • The layout will have a centralized Start Menu and buttons and an overall look that resembles Windows 10X.
  • Zorin also announced Zorin OS 16 beta today, which includes several new features and options.

If you love the look of Windows 10X but don’t want to run it on your PC, you may be in luck. An upcoming Linux distro looks to emulate the look and feel of Windows 10X while keeping the features people enjoy from Linux. The Windows10X-esque update will be available in Zorin OS 16 Ultimate, which will be available as a stable release this summer.

We don’t have many images of the upcoming Zorin OS 16 Ultimate, but the one we do have shows off a centralized Start Menu along the taskbar. Zorin also states that the distro will adapt well to computers with touchpads, mice, or touchscreens.

The overall layout appears quite similar to Windows 10X, including its button placement, color scheme, and overall style.

In addition to teasing the upcoming new look of the Linux distro, Zorin announced the beta of Zorin OS 16. While it doesn’t look exactly like Windows 10 or Windows 10X, it does look nice.

The lockscreen of Zorin OS 16 beta does take a page out of the Windows 10 playbook. It has a frosted look that blurs your background image and places it behind the login UI.

Zorin OS 16 beta also has Flabhub, quicker touchpad gestures, a new sound recorder app, and a customizable taskbar. You can read more about Zorin OS 16 beta in Zorin’s latest blog post.

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