Your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deserves the feel of a leather case

The best Note 20 cases come in all different sizes, colors, and shades, but the materials are what truly separate the class acts from the imitators. Plastic feels cheap, metal inhibits wireless charging, and wood feels lovely but is inflexible. Leather is luxurious in hand, easy to work with, and it keeps your phone looking every bit as premium as its price tag. These are the best leather Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases on the market today.

First-party perfection

Samsung Leather Cover

Staff Pick

Samsung’s leather cases have been the ones to beat for years now. Perfectly matched to each of the Note 20 Ultra’s colorways, this svelte cover is perfectly sculpted to every curve of the phone.

From $28 at Amazon $28 at Best Buy

Full grain feel

Snakehive Vintage Wallet

I just absolutely adore the suede-like feel of a full-grain leather like that used on the Snakehive Vintage Wallet case. Even better, it’s available in half a dozen colors, including a beautiful bottle-green and turquoise.

$39 at Amazon

Fit for a king

UAG Monarch

This is one of the most rugged leather cases out there, combining a durable, extra-grippy bumper with a leather back and alloy frame. This five-layer case also has a 10-year warranty if you somehow hang onto your Note 20 Ultra for a decade.

From $40 at Amazon $60 at Walmart

Slim slot

Kowauri Leather Card Slot

This is synthetic leather rather than the genuine article, but I’m willing to forgive that in exchange for a wallet case that’s much slimmer than the folios. You also get a bumper that’s easier to grip and won’t wear out over time.

From $15 at Amazon

Slim synthetic

Almiao Leather Slim

If you like the slim style but don’t need the card slot, this case gives you a little bit of cushion instead. Unfortunately, it’s not available in quite as many colors, but it’s grippy, affordable, and more protective, thanks to the TPU bumper around the edges.

From $14 at Amazon

Block the baddies

FYY RFID-Blocking Wallet

This leather wallet has RFID-blocking mesh built into the folio, protecting your credit cards from skimmers lurking in crowds, which makes this one of the best Note 20 cases. I’m also a fan of this wallet case because it comes in fun colors like purple and blue, not just black and brown.

$26 at Amazon $40 at Walmart

Why Samsung makes the best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leather case

Good leather cases are harder and harder to find these days, but thankfully Samsung is still making first-party leather cases for this big and premium. The Samsung Leather Cover comes in a nice neutral brown, an understated black, and deep pine green for those still bummed that Mystic Green was limited to the smaller Note 20.

If you prefer your leather cases with a more encompassing feel and increased functionality, the FYY RFID-Blocking Wallet Case is a real leather case that doesn’t go overboard in price or get too bulky to be practical. The RFID-blocking shouldn’t interfere with Samsung Pay but will help keep your credit cards safe while they’re in their slots.

If you need more case ideas, we’ve rounded up the Best Note 20 Ultra cases, as well as the best heavy duty cases and wallet cases.

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