Your Next Android Phone Might Have MagSafe

Apple MagSafe Charger Product Image

Apple’s MagSafe chargers combine the convenience of wireless charging with a secure magnetic lock that ensures charging won’t be interrupted. Now, MagSafe is going wide thanks to the new Qi 2 standard.

The Wireless Power Consortium has released version 2 of the Qi wireless charging specification, simply named “Qi 2” — USB could learn a thing or two from Qi. It’s the most significant revision we’ve seen to the standard ever since it was first published back in 2008, and its biggest improvement is one you’re probably already familiar with. Qi 2 introduces something called the Magnetic Power Profile, which ensures your phones and devices are “perfectly aligned” with chargers through the use of magnets.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the design builds upon Apple’s MagSafe charging included on iPhones — the Cupertino-based company is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, and contributed this design as the core of Qi 2. This opens the possibility of MagSafe being included on Android phones and, really, many other devices, as the consortium says this brings Qi charging to devices that “wouldn’t be chargeable using current flat surface-to-flat surface devices.”

You could already sort of use MagSafe on Android phones, but official support would mean that smartphones and supported devices would gain the necessary magnets and hardware in order to fully support the tech. The consortium expects that Qi 2-equipped devices will land on store shelves during the 2023 holiday season, so we still have a few months to go.

Source: Wireless Power Consortium