15 Best Free Games like Candy Crush Saga

I bet you don’t need to be introduced to Candy Crush Saga. The levels, the beauty and colorful candies are always in your mind. The game that entered the market in 2006, is now on everyone’s mind. Honestly, I used to play it while I was in a subway in my professional outfit by the door of Metro and in bed after finishing my day. I can’t say about your timing but all I know is you must be looking for a lookalike of it if you succeeded in all the stages of Candy Crush. Here are the best Games like Candy Crush For Android users and the hidden-gamer.

The next version of the same game was, well, as you already must have known, is Candy Crush Saga. What I do believe that, in your Android, it is a done and dusted as well. This is why I am not going to state anything about it. Your search needs a little newer and puzzle-loaded game that adds some fun element to it.

15 Best Games Like Candy Crush Saga

What amazing with Candy Crush was the kid, elders, and the young (+me), all had a linking to it, like for a big time? It was enjoyed not only on iOS but also on the Android of all versions. Is wouldn’t be justice to it if I don’t mention this game was not more of an addiction. For those looking to get addicted to some more, here are the other games. Have a look some other android games – Bike Racing Games for android , Best Car Racing Games for android , Best Shooting Games for android , Free Multiplayer Games for android.

Bejeweled games-like-candy-crush-3-8844097

How many butterflies can you save from the spying spiders or collect perks of gold? Set your time limit, or you have plenty of it, go crazy saving the gold and burning gems. In the terms of interactivity and action, this is classic to beat and is the great alternative to Candy Crush Saga. It has 7 different modes to play with. Every level you play in has a different interface and features. The puzzles are also available in difficulty mode for you.

Fish Epic games-like-candy-crush-for-android-1-4548525

If you own an Android and a facebook account, time to try Fish Epic. This game is packed with puzzles and holds the same levels featured in Diamond Digger Saga. The game is playable in three different worlds including 100+ levels with each level having amazing sea creatures just to add a little fun for you.

Farm Heroes Sagaframe-heroes-1-6372488

Yeah, how much can you save of your farm field from a gone-crazy raccoon? It is another game by the developers of Candy Crush. Loaded with 400+ levels to clear, your main aim, being a farmer, is to save your crops from the culprit raccoon. The more crops you match and collect gets it saved. While doing so, you’ll have the mission to complete. Don’t be late or the raccoon will destroy the crops before you save it.

Cookie Jam cookie-jam-1-8456748

It is another game that seems identical to Candy Crush, no question, it actually is. If you couldn’t rid the candies off your mind, this is the one filled with delicious colors and sweet candies. You can’t taste it, though, but you can win the incentives and scores clearing each mission in the level you play in. There are over 1000 levels of play with the same rule you applied and followed in candy Crush, match three candies of the same color.

Jelly Splash ( Games Like Candy Crush)jelly-splash-1-3913193

If your Facebook account is still active, time to try another puzzle game named Jelly Splash. This game is developed by team Wooga and is feasible with iOs, and Android including your Windows PC. While you put jellies together, there are 100+ levels you need to clear. Just keep connecting the jellies and earn points to hop on to the next one.

Candy Blast Mania ( Games Like Candy Crush)candy-blast-mania-1-4900337

Here is another match-3 style game if you haven’t been able to stay away from the Crush of the candies. Yes, there are candies to match that give you more and more adventure as you keep clearing the levels.

Blossom Blast Saga ( Games Like Candy Crush)blossom-1-6986976

The creators of Candy Crush have given a lot to the users to keep them engaged. The third one on the list (from the same development team) is the one that needed no marketing to boost its download or scale the benchmarks. Looks similar to Candy Crush or I’d rather say a unique as it requires no shuffling. As you step into a new level, it gets more complex and if you match the longest chain of flowers, obviously, the same color, the blast would be an impacting one of the nearby flowers too, giving a blast to the point’s board as well.

Hungry Babies Mania ( Games Like Candy Crush)hungry-babies-1-8839121

The hungry animals are in need of your supply; this is the main objective while you play the game. There are 100+ levels as you keep meeting and feeding the animals throughout every level you pass by. It is the same the three match type genre. Enjoy the animals and graphics.

Jewel Mania ( Games Like Candy Crush)jewel-mania-1-2981707

There are numerous levels to cross in Jewel Mania as compared to Candy Crush Saga. Available on iOS and Android devices, the game has been given an artistic design and is set to the genre of matching the identical 3.

Disco Bees ( Games Like Candy Crush)disco-bees-1-2594932

Not, Gems, neither Candy nor flowers, it is the adventurous game of the bees. This game is displayed with a hexagonal grid you can call a honeycomb-like structure. The best of the match-3 game has a great disco music in the background to get you kicks.

Muffin Quest ( Games Like Candy Crush)muffin-quest-1-1173263

Muffin Quest takes the best of three-match to a whole new level where gamers have to put the combination of rows and columns. Users can enjoy the high-level game on iOS and Android devices where there are 200 levels to clear as with every level, the excitement level gets pretty exciting too.

Best Fiends ( Games Like Candy Crush)best-fiends-1-8298909

Best Fiends combines the evil elements along with the match 3 puzzle quite amazingly. The elements you have to match in here are known as fiends. Group the fiends to match the combination of 3 and clear the level to get ready for another one.

Pet Rescue Sagapet-rescues-sagax32131-1-3838159

Pet Rescue Saga is more of a casual game that is all different than Candy Crush in terms of graphics and presentation. Also, if I forgot to mention, the team behind this game is the same as the one behind Candy Crush Saga. You can enjoy the game on Android, iOS, and even your web browser. The genre is the same, match the right 3 puzzle or more of the same kind.

Bubble Witch Sagabubble-which-3-saga-1-1198863

Here is yet another creation of the King team that is built on the same genre. It is a single-player game but with a classical look, the classical features and a mission to join Luna to save the world from the evil enchanting spells are its specialties.

Puzzle Quest

This game is designed and curated by the Infinite Interactive team that is packed with action Puzzle solving, match-3 theme. It can be played as single as well as in a multiplayer mode. While you play this game, the main story lies in the Good versus the bad sort of theme. You must have already known which side you are playing with. So, enjoy the show being a good protagonist.


Keep checking at Play Store, because by the time you visit here, there will be many such games besides these 15 Games Like Candy Crush For Android I mentioned herein. And, by any luck, you happen to love some of them do let me know how was your experience with them. Way to reach me is right below this final line.