7 Best Spotify Music Converters For 2022


Music listening provides a wide range of benefits for so many people. Did you know that listening to great music and sounds is heart-healthy? It also elevates your mood, reduces stress, relieves depression symptoms, and stimulates memories. Listening to music also manages and eases your pain, and helps individuals eat less, believe it or not.

Nowadays, technological advancements have made it possible for people to access great music anytime and anywhere they want. One of these popular platforms is Spotify, an audio streaming and media services provider. As of March 2022, Spotify has more than 422 million monthly active users, including its 182 million paying subscribers. To further enhance and amplify your music listening experience, you might want to download music from Spotify and keep them in your digital folders. But first, you will need a good Spotify music converter.

In this edition of our discussion, we will introduce you to seven of the best Spotify music converters in the industry today, including a popular platform, the Pazu Spotify Music Converter, a Spotify music downloader for every individual who wants to listen to wonderful music. Let us get started with the rundown.

1. Pazu Spotify Music Converter

The Pazu Spotify Converter for both Windows and Mac allows users to download and convert music from Spotify to AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and AIFF in high quality. You can use this incredible platform to download songs from Spotify, as well as albums and playlists with either your free or premium account in the music streaming software.

Here is how it works. Premium Spotify users can save albums and playlists for offline playback. However, unlike the average downloads, the music is only playable through the app on the device where you saved them. Spotify does not allow you to transfer the downloaded music to other devices or burn them to a disc. But, with Pazu Spotify Converter, you can download your preferred Spotify music in MP3 and other formats you learned about earlier with either your free or premium account.

Not only these, but this software is an easy, fast, and simple Spotify music downloader. It places a lot of emphasis on music quality and download speed.

Among the most noteworthy attributes of Pazu Spotify Music Converter is the built-in Spotify web player that lets users download the songs even without installing the Spotify app. Try it right now.

Below are more Spotify music converters that will get you listening to your favorite music the way you want it.

2. Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Touted as the easiest converter of music from Spotify, Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder makes music conversion very simple and fast. It allows you to record the music from your PC’s sound card or microphone and output them into a wide array of file formats according to your needs. Plus, it can convert videos to MP3 too. Interesting as well, right?

This Spotify music converter is known to support several file formats, letting users convert the output into WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC, and so much more. They also offer a free trial version, providing recording options. Plus, it has a built-in radio.

3. VideoProc Converter For Spotify

On the other hand, the third on our list, the VideoProc Converter for Spotify, is considered the best and the perfect choice if you are looking for a Spotify music converter that is for free. It also runs on Windows and Mac, similar to the Pazu Spotify Music Converter.

This tool helps users save Spotify music in formats that include MP3, AAC, M4R ringtone, OGG, and more. Both premium and free Spotify users can enjoy music even while offline. They can also playback on other devices after extracting and saving the song with this converter. There are also options to preserve and edit beautiful album art covers, music metadata, and a whole lot more.

4. Sidify Music Converter For Spotify

If you are looking for another fast Spotify to MP3 converter software? The answer is Sidify Music Converter for Spotify. It is a Windows software renowned for converting Spotify tracks to MP3 at blasting high-speed levels while keeping the audio quality.

Unlike other Spotify converters, this retains the ID3 tags of the tracks, allowing users to preserve the metadata information of the songs they want to download. These include the album name, title, and release data, among many others. Having these details intact helps you sort the music files and conveniently share them.

Let us keep going. What are the next converters on our list?

5. AudFree Spotify Music Converter

Also among the best Spotify to MP3 converters for Windows and Mac is AudFree Spotify Music Converter. This is designed for both premium and free Spotify users, so they can extract and convert tracks, albums, and playlists into their desired file formats.

This converter is the best solution for playing music from Spotify on various devices. Thanks to this smart music converter, users have complete control over the tracks from Spotify without losing their ID3 tags. They can also edit the audio parameters such as audio channel, codec, bit rate, and so on.

6. OndeSoft Spotify To MP3 Converter For Mac And Windows

Can you believe it, that there are more of the best converters on our list? The OndeSoft Spotify to MP3 Converter for Mac and Windows works a bit differently from the rest of the software on this list because, instead of converting the songs directly to MP3, it lets users remove the Spotify Digital Rights Management or DRM and convert the songs to DRM free, which they can listen to any time.

Moreover, using this Spotify converter is very easy. Simply drag and drop your desired track into the OndeSoft dashboard and begin the hassle-free conversion.

7. Aimersoft Music

Last but most definitely and certainly not least on our list of the best Spotify music converters is Aimersoft Music, also known as iMusic for Aimersoft. This Spotify converter brings in the complete package since it is a music finder, a music downloader, a music manager, and a music converter rolled into one. Plus, it also helps users share music files between their various devices.

With these modules, users can search for the music, download them, manage them, and share them within the software itself. Stunning, isn’t it?

No matter whether you are a free or premium Spotify user, remember that there is no direct way you can download tracks from Spotify and convert them to MP3 files directly.

Using this software, your Spotify to MP3 music conversion will definitely be hassle-free. You can start listening to the songs you want on the Spotify music streaming app.

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