BenQ Zowie launches a trio of pricey wireless mice for esports pros

BenQ Zowie has announced wireless versions of its popular gaming mice, the EC series.

Just like their wired counterparts, the new EC-CW series will be available in three sizes to suit different hand sizes and grip styles.

BenQ says it held off on releasing wireless versions until it was confident in its ability to resist transmission interference – something that’s crucial for competitive play.

That’s why these wireless models come with a standalone wireless receiver and an enhanced antenna at the tip of the mouse.

The wireless receiver also acts as a charging dock, and the mice allow up to 70 hours of playtime per charge.

At the core of the EC-CW series is the esteemed PixArt 3370 sensor, a popular choice with FPS enthusiasts.

When it comes to aesthetics, Zowie keeps it simple with a matte black finish and an IntelliMouse-inspired asymmetrical ergonomic design.

The brand says it has used sports science studies to confirm that the EC’s shape allows for more comfortable finger and forearm posture, which means that you can game for longer with less fatigue.

It also says that the wireless models are very similar in weight and have a similar click feel to their wired counterparts, making it easy to adapt to if you were previously using the wired model.

Sounds great, right? We’ll there a small catch, and that’s the pricing. At $149.99 / £169.99 the EC-CW mice cost over double that of their wired siblings. Whether or not this wireless freedom is worth the cost of entry, only you can decide.

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