Eufy SmartTrack Link is a cheaper alternative to Apple’s AirTag

Accessory maker eufy has announced an item tracker that ties into Apple’s Find My network but costs less than the company’s own AirTag.

While the go-to item track for a lot of people, the Apple AirTag isn’t perfect. For starters, it isn’t cheap at $29 for one and it doesn’t have an easy way to affix it to things without buying another accessory to house it. The eufy SmartTrack Link fixes both of those issues in one fell swoop.

First, there’s the price. The eufy SmartTrack Link is available for just $19.99 which is considerably less than Apple’s first-party tracker. The second fix is a hole, basically. That hole means you can easily attach your item tracker to just about anything, no additional accessory needed.

Beyond those things, all of the AirTag features are present and correct. The link into Apple’s Find My network means you can use the app on all of your Apple devices to find things, and you’ll also get things like alerts when you leave your item behind, too. Use the eufy Security app and you get other features like being able to share the item with others and send alerts to your phone even when it’s in silent mode.

Oh, and it works with Android, too.

The whole shebang is powered by a standard CR2032 battery, just like the AirTag. All in, it’s difficult to argue against this little thing. It’s available for order in the United States now, but availability internationally looks to be an issue right now. Hopefully that’ll change soon enough.

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